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Welcome to Homa

A sanctuary where you can rest your head, a space for a new type of healing. One where the ancient is merged with the future. It is a remembering of what the ancients knew in their bones, that the Earth brings us healing in many forms. It is a knowing that we are not separate from All That Is and to truly live joyfully, healthfully and freely, we must return to our own sacredness—an alignment of mind, body and spirit. To create a sanctuary in this place, to embrace our path of returning and to share that light with others. 


Homa is a an ancient Persian divine bird. Also known as the "Bird of Paradise." There are many stories about this bird. For one, it is the perfect embodiment of both masculine and feminine energies. It's home is in the skies, circling close to heaven. It is said to bring extreme fortune to whoever sees this bird, even bestowing the next king with its shadow. Homa is likened to a phoenix as it engulfs itself in flames every 100 years and is reborn. In the ancient Vedic practice, Homa is also the name for a fire ritual where one makes offerings to the divine.  

Homa has a rich history across the SWANA region and Indian subcontinent. It symbolizes connection with the divine, perfect balance, freedom, blessings and transformation. These words and intentions are transfused into every offering at Homa Holistic—from our healing remedies to our transformational programs and classes. 

Our Mission

We create potent healing solutions, transformative programs, and curate nourishing experiences that evoke a remembrance of ancient wisdom while addressing the challenges of today. As a social enterprise, our unwavering commitment lies in supporting refugees on their path to well-being by offering accessible wellness classes. Together, let's sow the seeds of a flourishing future—crafting sanctuaries of vitality with every step.

healing through nature
healing through nature
healing ayurveda flower
flower essence representing creativity and freedom
healing through nature


Laila Sahar Jewayni

A devoted seeker of life's wisdom, Laila is a board-certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, yoga teacher, holistic health coach, intuitive healer, and creative.


Before embracing her sacred mission to empower others in their healing journeys, Laila navigated through diverse chapters of existence. Her path unfolded across nearly a decade in international development and refugee work, spanning six countries across three continents. In addition to this global engagement, she delved into her passion for jewelry, honing her skills as a trained jeweler and jewelry designer. This led to the creation of a jewelry line with local artisans in Senegal while she was living there. 

As she connected deeper to her soul mission, Laila harnessed the wisdom gained from those experiences to fulfill her authentic calling—to guide others in rediscovering their inner wisdom to become self-healers. The genesis of Homa emerged from years spent in transformative consultations with those seeking wellness. At Homa, each program and healing solution bears the imprints of a profound reverence for life and All That Is. 

Laila extends her transformative touch through personalized one-on-one consultations and programs. 

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