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This ritual kit assists in cleansing, clearing, removing negative energy, enhancing spiritual and energetic protection and supporting a renewal and rebirth process. 


It is for anyone who wants to enter the process of renewal with support from a mighty team of ancient plant allies who will aid in balancing the emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. 


All items in this kit have been blessed and infused with prayers for to be of the utmost assistnace in your journey. 

Bloom & Blessings Ritual Kit

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  • Mystic Rose Mist

    Rose water has been used in spiritual ceremonies from Islam to Hinduism for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of purity and connection to the divine. Roses are incredibly healing flowers and have the ability to remain generous in giving their radiance while also staying protected with their thorns. This energetic spray was created with the intention of a remedy to cleanse, purify and protect the energetic body anywhere and at any time. 


    Renewal Flower Essence Blend

    This blend assists in the rebirth process. Allowing you to let go of old ways and welcome a new way of being from a place of safety. This blend will carry you through a delicate transition with the nurturance of a mother to her sensitive child. It is heart-opening and strengthens your intuition, allowing you to feel new things and see things in a new perspective. This vibrational remedy brings a joyful and playful energy to a season of renewal and allows you to tap into unexplored sides of you from this space. 


    Sacred Smudge

    This unique smudge bundle includes espand (penganum harmala),  sustainable white sage and rosemary. Spanning across three ancient traditions these plants have been used for centuries to cleanse, purify, and sanctify spaces, things and people. 


    Ritual kit comes with 1 Renewal Flower Essence (0.5 oz), 1 Mystic Rose Mist (2 oz) and 1 Sacred Smudge Stick.

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