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What do digestion, personal power & boundaries have in common?


They are all embodiements of the fire element. The fire element holds the essence of transformation. Fire transforms raw food into cooked food. It transforms coldness into warmth. It transforms dark into light.


If we want true transformation, if we want to live the life of our dreams, we must ensure that the fire element is stoked and balanced in our lives.


If it’s too strong it will burn everything in sight and if it’s too weak then it won’t move the needle. Balancing our digestion, personal power and boundaries is essential for this.


In this audio class (originally part of the Soul Sanctuary Collective), I'll talk about these three topics—how they show up in our lives, how to identify if you need work in these areas and what to do to improve them. 

You will get some unique teachings that will support you in new beginnings. 

Digestion, Personal Power & Boundaries Audio Class

Excluding Sales Tax
  • *Includes audio class and handout of journaling prompts 

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