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Homa's digestive tea blend is one of Ayurveda's most famous tea blends, CCF Tea. As the elixir for good digestion and metabolism this tea can be had at any time, before or after meals to support your system. It's also beneficial for stomach discomfort as well as menstrual cramps and it has some pain relieving properties. As it's soothing, warming and comforting,  we're sure this is soon going to be your go-to tea blend! 

Digestive Tea Blend

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Makes about 50 cups of tea. 1/3lb/151g bag.


    Ingredients: organic cumin seeds, organic coriander seeds and organic fennel seeds. 

  • Every time you make a Homa purchase, you will be helping a refugee receive a free wellness class. A percentage of each sale goes towards providing these classes. Our self-care products contribute towards a meaningful cause that aims to help refugees heal holistically. Together we can make a difference! 

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