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An energizing and spicy candle blend for those days where you're just feeling blah. Get ready to feel renewed like you just walked out of a rejuvenating spa. 


Handcrafted, all-natural aromatherapy candle made with 100% therapeutic essential oils and vegetable wax.


The Energizing Renewal candle is made with a special blend of Rosemary, Frankincense, Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus essential oils. 

Energizing Renewal Candle

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  • This blend helps reduce Kapha dosha. Excess Kapha can cause us to be stagnant and slow so when you need a burst of energy light this candle.  To balance the sluggishness of Kapha dosha, we need to bring in sharp, spicy and uplifted scents. Each essential oil in this blend brings a unique component to make Kapha move. 


    Benefits of Essential Oils


    Rosemary: boosts mental activity, encourages clarity, and relieves fatigue. 


    Frankincense: known to sharpen mental focus while also promoting relaxation. Spiritually grounding & calming without being sedating. 


    Eucalyptus: Relieves mental exhaustion, clears nasal passages, and is a known anti-bacterial. 


    Grapefruit: provides a feeling of vitality, helps manage feelings, and promotes a sense of focus. 


    Please note: these are 100% all-natural essential oil candles and do not contain ANY chemical/artificial fragrance oils like many aromatherapy candles (not even a little bit). This means that the scent will be somewhat lighter than fragrance oil candles, but the subtle and all therapeutic benefits will remain as the plant essential oils will be diffused in the air. 

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