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If you are going through a rebirthing process,  in the midst of becoming a new person, opening up to a new phase of your life—this is perfect for you. It’s for you if you want to embrace a new side of yourself that you have been afraid to do before and to do so in the most joyful and playful way possible. 


Flower essences are vibrational remedies that carry the energetic frequency of flowers. They are great for supporting us on an emotional and energetic level. 


This blend was made with the permission of the spirit of the flowers. It has been blessed and infused with prayers for to be of the utmost assistnace in your journey.


Renewal Flower Essence Blend

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  • This blend assists in the rebirth process. Allowing you to let go of old ways and welcome a new way of being from a place of safety. This blend will carry you through a delicate transition with the nurturance of a mother to her sensitive child. It is heart-opening and strengthens your intuition, allowing you to feel new things and see things in a new perspective. This vibrational remedy brings a joyful and playful energy to a season of renewal and allows you to tap into unexplored sides of you from this space. 


    Purchase includes one 0.5 oz bottle.  Dosage is 2-4 drops 2x per day in glass of water. 


    Tulip flower essence which can support transformation, letting go of old patterns, creativity, and confidence. 


    Hyacinth flower essence which can support spiritual renewal, releasing grief, clarity of thought, enthusiasm and heart-centered joy.  


    Ingredients: flower essences, vegetable glycerin and pure spring water. 

  • Every time you make a Homa purchase, you will be helping a refugee receive a free wellness class. A percentage of each sale goes towards providing these classes.

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