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This smudge stick was created with healing intentions. It has been blessed and infused with prayers for to be of the utmost assistnace in your journey. 

Sacred Smudge (+ Espand)

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  • This unique smudge bundle includes esfand (penganum harmala), sustainable white sage and rosemary. Spanning across three ancient traditions these plants have been used for centuries to cleanse, purify, and sanctify spaces, things and people. 


    Espand (peganum harmala) has been used for centuries across the SWANA region as a sacred shrub to remove negative energy and the evil eye. 


    White Sage has been used by various indigenous Native American tribes in ceremony and cleansing rituals for purificaiton purposes. 


    Rosemary is a plant that was considered sacred to the ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. It is known to be used to purify the air and your aura. 


    Ingredients: espand (penganum harmala), sustainable white sage and rosemary. 


    Purchase comes with one bundle. 

  • Every time you make a Homa purchase, you will be helping a refugee receive a free wellness class. A percentage of each sale goes towards providing these classes. 

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