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This divine candle blend will make you want to twirl like a dancing dervish from pure bliss. It's soothing scent is just what you need to put you in a joyful mood. 


Handcrafted, all-natural aromatherapy candle made with 100% therapeutic essential oils and vegetable wax.


The Soothing Bliss candle is made with a special blend of Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils. 


Soothing Bliss Candle

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  • This blend helps reduce Pitta dosha in the body. When Pitta increases in the body it causes irritability, impatience and anger. Pitta also plays a key role in anxiety along with Vata. This blend will help cool down the heat through soothing, floral scents. 


    Benefits of Essential Oils: 


    Jasmine: boosts happiness, increases confidence, as well as reduces stress, anxiety and anger.


    Geranium: helps reduce anger, uplifts spirit and improves mental functioning. 


    Lavender: promotes relaxation and used to reduce stress, insomnia, and anxiety. 


    Ylang Ylang: known to reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem. It's sweet floral scent has a mood enhancing & calming effect. 


    Please note: these are 100% all-natural essential oil candles and do not contain ANY chemical/artificial fragrance oils like many aromatherapy candles (not even a little bit). This means that the scent will be somewhat lighter than fragrance oil candles, but the subtle and all therapeutic benefits will remain as the plant essential oils will be diffused in the air. 

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