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Soul Sanctuary Collective 

A membership program for women who want to come home to themselves, feel less overwhelmed and live a balanced life. 

Your Journey Begins Here...

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, burnt-out or low energy? What if I told you that many of these problems stem from not understanding how to live a life designed for your feminine nature...Yes, that's right. Women have incredible gifts to offer to this world, but in order to do that first we need to live in a way that supports our unique nature... 


Hi! My name is Laila...

I am a recovering hyper-independent, work-hard play-hard, do it myself woman. I'm also an empath, healer and many other things (including the good, the bad & the ugly). Sound familiar? 


Once upon a time, I bought into the common narrative that for a woman to be successful means that she basically needed to be a man. She needed to work like a man, get into relationships like a man, push through emotions like a man. Aka she needed to be a "girl boss" or "empire queen" and forgo all her feminine desires—just toughen up and push through. That got me into burn-out, a fried nervous system, weak immunity and chronic digestive issues. Now there is nothing wrong with being a boss or having an empire, but we need to paint a new picture of what that looks like for us. 

I'm here to create a space where women can come together and birth a new framework of what it means to be a woman today in the 21st century. It's time that we take control over our own narrative and define what would be most nourishing for our mind, body and soul.  

Jasmine, CA

"Laila is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, kind, and passionate about her work. Her energy helps you feel safe and stay on track. Her program has shifted my perspective on health and wellness. Conversations with Laila feel warm and allow you to dive deep. I’m thankful to have take this opportunity for myself."

Nancy, CA

“Laila has changed my way of living in the most positive ways! I have a new appreciation for my body and new tools she has shared that nourish, nurture and support the healthiest, most energetic version of myself I could imagine."

Anonymus, NC

"If you have seen the glimpses of light to end your pain and suffering and you are ready for transformation, but still feel like there is so much fog surrounding you, ask Laila to be your guide.  You will discover a truly caring, gentle, deep and understanding companion to help you reach that light in your own way and pace."

We all know being a woman comes with incredible gifts, but we need to learn how to embody them first...

I'm here to tell you that there's a way you can live a more nourishing, balanced, and peaceful life and there are other women that want to support you on this path! 

Here's what you need to know...

The hard truth is that we have been indoctrinated into a society that is heavily masculine. Everything that is appreciated in life, love, success has a masculine tint to it. In order to survive in the masculine dominate world, which is especially true in industrialized societies, we had to embody more of our masculine traits. These traits are revered and honored in the workplace and in society.


If you don't believe me just take a look at how society labels "stay-at-home moms," we don't actually consider this "work." The only "work" that's appreciated in our society is work that contributes the economy in a very obvious way.  

Now, I'm not saying that we all need to be stay-at-home moms, but what I am saying is that we need to rewrite the script based on our deepest, soul desires.


As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I have seen a theme with my female clients, they are tired, stressed and burnt-out from "doing it all." The "you can do it all" model is not a reasonable or effective goal for us all. It's not to say you can't, but there needs to be a prioritization, a tapping into soul—to feel into whether or not that is your path as a woman. To see if that would be the most nourishing for you. 

It's time we set the terms of our own lives based on our soul desires. Not what our families desire, not what society desires, but what we truly desire. 

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

This is for you if you want to:

Go from...


Running on empty often because you're constantly giving more than you have.

Using your intuition & inner wisdom to make decisions & set boundaries.

Feeling disconnected from your body & unable to read the signs.

Being connected to your body's wisdom & know exactly what you need.

Always feeling like you have to keep doing, achieving, work harder.

Stepping into your feminine energy to nourish you & slow down.

Feeling like you've lost parts of yourself in work, relationships or life's distractions.

Tapping into the wisdom of your soul to connect you to your authentic self.

Learn what you need to know to thrive...

It is my intention in creating the Soul Sanctuary Collective that you have a safe place in a community of like-hearted individuals to do the work of coming home to yourself.

Here are some tentative class topics: 

- living a balanced life in an imbalanced world

- simple self-care rituals for women

- embodied healing & body wisdom

- reprogramming the mind

- navigating relationships

- reconnecting with inner wisdom & intuition

- cultivating joy & inner peace in daily life

- reframing your dharma/purpose

- rediscovering the feminine

- everyday energetic tools 

- self-love as a vehicle for healing

- digestion, personal power & boundaries

Image by Alex Lvrs

In community is better.

The most important part of this collective is that we will be doing this work together! Once a month, we will gather in a live Zoom session to go deeper into the month's topic, share our experiences, ask questions & hold our collective intentions.


Going on a collective journey to heal & reconnect with ourselves is a powerful way to transform. Each person in this collective will bring their personal insights & experiences that will contribute to the medicine for everyone. When we do group work, we'll be inspired & uplifted by one another. 

This program has a good mix of independent and collective aspects to give you everything you need to transform your life! 

This is not for you if...

You're not willing to learn and implement the tools

You're not looking to build community with other incredible, supportive women who lift each other up


The idea of shadow work and being radically responsible for your life is unappealing to you

Image by Han Chenxu

Inside the Soul Sanctuary Collective you'll enjoy... 

Monthly Class

Each month, we will cover a different course topic to help you create an inner sanctuary. You will have access to all previously released classes anytime you join the collective. 


Monthly Live Self-Care Sessions

Every month, we will gather in a live Zoom session where we take time to care for ourselves, I will lead you in a self-care activity which can include a guided meditation, breath work session, tarot cards, full moon ceremony, a sound bath or we may have a guest share their gifts. Think of this as a cozy girls night in. 

Monthly journaling prompt/self-practice

You will receive a monthly journaling prompt or self-practice activity along with the monthly class to implement the learning in your day to day life. This is how we bring an intellectual understanding of a teaching to an embodied level. We can only change the trajectory of our lives when we embody the lessons.

Plus Bonus Content...

Quarterly Wellness Challenges

Power of Routines Masterclass (Ayurveda 101)

All Previous SSC Class Recordings 

100% happiness guarantee

If you decide SSC isn't the right fit for you after joining, simply request a full refund within the first 14 days of your registration—no questions asked.

  • SSC Monthly Membership

    Every month
    This option is for you if you like the flexibility of paying month to month.
    • Monthly Class
    • Monthly Self-Practice
    • Monthly Live Self-Care Sessions
    • Quarterly Wellness Challenges
    • All Previous SSC Class Recordings
    • The Power of Routines Masterclass (Ayurveda 101)
    • Exclusive discounts & offers
  • SSC Annual Membership

    Every year
    This is for you if you're serious about thriving,💜 saving $$+want to signal to the 🌎 you're ready!
    • Monthly Class
    • Monthly Self-Practice
    • Monthly Live Self-Care Sessions
    • Quarterly Wellness Challenges
    • All Previous SSC Class Recordings
    • The Power of Routines Masterclass (Ayurveda101)
    • Exclusive discounts & offers
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